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전통적 공예품을 찾는다



기슈 칠기

Kishu Lacquer Ware


무로마치로부터 전국시대에 현재의 시가현 부근의 목재만을 이용한 기류를 만드는의 집단이 이 땅에 자리잡고 사고, 풍부한 기슈 노송나무를 나무결에, 나무의 그릇의 제조를 시작했습니다.

Wood turners settled in the vicinity of present day Shiga Prefecture during the Muromachi period (1392-1573) and the turbulent times before the end of the 16th century. These craftsmen started making wooden soup bowls using the plentiful supplies of Japanese cypresses (Chamaecyparis Spach) found locally. This led to the production of shibujiwan bowls, which were primed with the tannin-rich juice extracted from persimmons.



Kishu Paulownia Chests


에도시대 후기에, 낙뢰에 의해 와카야마성의 아성의 망루 등이 불타, 많은 도구류가 재가 되어 버렸습니다.

At the end of the Edo period (1600-1868), the tower of Wakayama Castle was destroyed when it was struck by lightening and much of the furniture was burnt to ashes. Records show that when the castle tower was rebuilt four years later, the chests and other cabinets, which had been lost in the fire, were remade. Further more, old books and chests dating back to the mid-19th century have also been discovered in town houses all over Wakayama Prefecture.


기슈 헤라 장대

Kishu Herazao


기슈 헤라 장대는, 장대사가 높은 기술력으로 사쿠 라레르헤라 후나요의 낚싯대입니다.

Kishu Herazao are fishing rods for catching crucian carp created by master rod craftsmen.