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전통적 공예품을 찾는다



고산 차 전

Takayama Tea Whisks


무로마치 시대 중기, 고산 영주의 자식이, 다도의 창시자인 무라타 주코의 의뢰에 의해 만든 것이 시작입니다.

The making of tea whisks began in the middle of the Muromachi period (1333-1568), when the younger son of the lord of Takayama was asked to make a whisk by Murata Juko, who had been instrumental in perfecting the tea ceremony. Thereafter, the production method was kept a guarded secret by the lord of the castle and his family and was carefully handed down from generation to generation.


나라 붓

Nara Brushes


나라의 붓 만들기의 역사는, 지금부터 1200년 정도 전 공해가 당에게 건넜을 때 붓 만들기의 방법을 다해라, 일본에 돌아온 후 그 기법을 야마토국의 거주자에게 전한 것에 시작됩니다.

When the monk Kukai journeyed to China some 1,200 years ago, he made a study of brush making there and on his return, he passed on his knowledge to people living in the province of Yamatokoku that is now called Nara Prefecture. This marked the beginnings of brush making here.