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전통적 공예품을 찾는다



도사타 칼날

Tosa Forged Blades


1590년(1590년) 도사 1국을 총지검한, 초소카베 지검장에, 399채의 대장간이 있던 것이 기록되어 있습니다.도사타 칼날의 본격적인 융성은, 에도시대 초기 도사번에 의한, 겐나 개혁(1621년)로부터 시작됩니다.

Records show that at the end of the 16th century there were some 400 smiths at work in Tosa. While they were skilled in the making of the samurai sword, they also seem to have made sickles and knives at the request of local farmers. Subsequently, with the promotion of forestry and the development of new fields in the area, bladed tools for agriculture and forestry were made in large quantities and a production center for forged goods came into being.


도사 일본 종이

Tosa Paper

일본 종이

헤이안 시대에 쓰여진 “엥기식(엔기시키)”에 헌상품으로서 도사 일본 종이의 이름이 나오고 있습니다.

Various kinds of paper for calligraphy, paper crafts, art papers and specialist papers to be used in the home are made under a name, which is mentioned in connection with paper presented to the court in an official Heian period (794-1185) document, the Engishiki. This has led people to believe that Tosa was already a center for the production of paper during this period.