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전통적 공예품을 찾는다



미노 도자기

Mino Ware


미노 도자기의 역사는 낡아, 지금부터 1300년 이상 전까지 거슬러 올라갑니다.최초는 한반도에서 스에 토기의 기술이 전해졌습니다.헤이안 시대(10세기)가 되면 흰색 자(알게 해)라고 말해지는 재 유(사 말한다)를 베푼 도기가 구워지게 되었습니다.

The history of Mino Yaki goes back some 1,300 years. The techniques of making a Sueki ware were introduced from Korea and then in the 10th century, an ash glaze called shirashi started to be used. This simply amounted to the glazing of the Sue ware with the glaze. It was about this time that the number of kilns increased and a production center for this ware became established.


히다 봄 경

Hida Shunkei Lacquer Ware


에도시대의 처음, 고산 성벽아래로 신사나 절 만들기를 하고 있었던 목수의 동량(묻는 료)가, 우연히 쳐 깬 삼치의 나무의 아름다운 나뭇결을 발견해

The origins of this distinctive lacquer ware were the result of a chance discovery. At the beginning of the 17th century, a head carpenter who worked on the building of temples and shrines in the castle town of Takayama, was surprised to find that when he literally peeled a piece of sawara cypress apart, it produced an interesting textural effect. He made it up into a tray and lightly lacquered the surfaces.


1위 조각칼로 조각하는 방법

Ichii Woodcarving


에도시대 말기에, 히다의 산의 일위라는 목재를 이용해, 그 나뭇결의 아름다움을 살려, 첨가하지 않는 독특한 조각으로 뿌리 첨부가 만들어지게 되어, 거기에서 1위 조각칼로 조각하는 방법이 크게 성장했습니다.

Ichii Itto Bori developed from small beginnings, when a woodcarver named Matsuda Sukenaga used a yew felled from the Hida mountains to make some rather special netsuke that were left uncolored and simply took full advantage of the beautiful grain of this wood. Since then, this craft has always been representative of the woodcarving done in the Hida region.


미노 일본 종이

Mino Paper

일본 종이

나라시대의 호적 용지가 미노 일본 종이였다는 기록이 “정창원 문서”에 남아 있는 것으로부터, 미노 일본 종이의 시작은, 나라시대라고 생각되고 있습니다.

It is thought that Mino Washi dates back to the Nara period (710-794), because records at the Shoso-in Repository show that it was used for a census during the 8th century. By the Muromachi period (1392-1573) the Rokusaiichi paper market was being held. This was set up by the locally influential Toki Nariyori and Mino Washi were shipped to Kyoto, Osaka and Ise, making it one of the best known papers of its times.


기후 초롱

Gifu Lanterns

그 외의 공예품

기후 초롱은, 18세기의 중순에, 기후에서 만들어진 것이 시작으로 여겨져, 근처에 원재료의 일본 종이, 대나무가 풍부했던 것으로부터 발전되었습니다.

Gifu Chochin were first made by Juzo, a lantern maker in Gifu and the abundant supply of local bamboo and paper contributed greatly to the development of the craft. It seems that lanterns with similar features to those available today were in general circulation around the first half of the 19th century, and while some were used for the Obon festival or Festival of the Dead, others were simply lit to enjoy the coolness of a summer evening.