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전통적 공예품을 찾는다



고슈 수정 귀석 세공

Koshu Crystal Carving

귀석 세공

약 1000년 전 아름다운 경치로 알려진 “미타케 쇼센협”의 두메 산골에서 수정 원석이 발견된 것이 시작입니다.

This craft started some one thousand years ago, after quartz was found near Mount Kinpu beyond Mitakeshosenkyo, which is famous for its beautiful views. When it was first discovered, it was used as an ornament but by the middle of the Edo period (1600-1868), Shinto priests were taking the raw material to Kyoto to have them made into gems.


와카사 메노우 세공

Wakasa Agate Work

귀석 세공

현재의 후쿠이현 와카사의 마을, 오뉴(오뉴)는, 와카사 1의 신사를 받는 토지에서, 나라시대에 구슬을 신앙하는 악족(와니조쿠)라는 바다 민족이, 이 땅에 왔을 때, 신사 앞에 악 가도를 만들어, 거기서 구슬을 만드는 것을 일로 한 것이 시작이라고 합니다.

Wakasa now stands in present-day Fukui Prefecture. One of the old villages of Wakasa was called Onyu and it was this area that was served by the main shrine of the province. Back in the Nara period (710-794), a sea-faring people known as the Wanizoku, who made jade the object of their faith, came to the area and built what was called the Wani-kaido, a road in front of the shrine. Here they started making jade objects and Wakasa Meno Zaiku is said to have begun at this time.